Electronic Cigarettes: Vape Culture in New York

this image shows electronic cigarettes and vaping in new york

Just like other people from other parts of the world, people from New York have one thing to say why they prefer to use electric cigarettes than cigarettes – and that’s because it is healthier than using cigarettes. For them, it doesn’t have to contain many bad effects on their health. However, using electronic cigarettes cannot be done whenever you want. There’s a law that states that electronic cigarettes cannot be smoked in indoor areas.

Electronic Cigarettes

 According to the researchers, the year of 2018 was the largest jump in vape usage. To be precise, a total of 1.3 million people were added to the users of vape – and most are high school students. The use of electronic cigarette is to eliminate the use of nicotine that can be found in regular cigarettes. However, according to the study, the results clearly show that vaping does not eliminate the use of nicotine but unfortunately, it leads the youth into it. Even the youth these days are learning how to make money with this by getting involved in the best affiliate marketing course for vaping.

Why parents should be concerned about their teens who use e-cigarettes?

The main and only problem with vaping or using any electronic device is that most teens hear and believe that it doesn’t have similar effects with using regular cigarettes. They even think that using electronic cigarettes do no harm. In fact, they enjoy every flavor of vape and believes that it was only a pleasant gas. But, unfortunately, they are totally wrong. Most electronic cigarettes contain nicotine at a high level. In fact, the nicotine of one pod of JUUL is equal to a pack of regular cigarettes. So, parents, need to have a talk and good conversation with their teens about the use of electronic cigarettes. 

Why nicotine is unsafe for teens, young adults, and even for kids?

Here is the list why nicotine is unsafe from everyone especially kids to young adults:

•    Nicotine is known as an addictive drug that can be also found not just in most electronic cigarettes but originally from regular cigarettes and other products of tobacco. So, there is a huge possibility that once a kid, teen or young adult use an electronic cigarette, he or she will most likely smoke a regular cigarette in the future.

•    This harmful chemical can harm the progressing and developing brain of an adolescent. 

•    Nicotine can also harm some parts of kids, teens, and young adults’ brains which control the mood, attention, impulse control, and learning. 

•    Using this harmful chemical might increase the risk and chance of using other types of drugs in the future. 

What parents need to do to prevent their children from using electronic cigarettes?

First of all, parents need to set a good example to their children – nothing more, nothing less. Here are some things to do to prevent your children from using e-cigarettes:

•    Be a good example by being tobacco-free.

•    Talk about the bad effects of using e-cigarettes. 

•    Let them know that you don’t want or like them to use electronic cigarette – because it is not safe. If possible, seek help from experts. 

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